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A Bit Unexpected by The-Hybrid-Mobian A Bit Unexpected by The-Hybrid-Mobian


<Rin—Rin, you stop attacking that bird this instant!>

The scyther merely screeched in response, not even bothering to use Eli as a vocal conduit for her displeasure like her trainer was. The young pidgey chirped desperately in its panicked attempt to flit away from the furious bug-type, but the bird was too young to gain enough height and escape the scyther’s reach.

Apparently, the pidgey had (loudly) attempted to make friends with the fellow flying type, not realizing that Rin was one that really should not be bothered.


Michi had been growing tired of the bird as well—she had run into it a few days before, and the little thing had sung to her incessantly as it fluttered behind her, trying to catch her attention. Eli told Michi the little bird was curious, and that she wanted to make a friend with a human as she had seen her siblings do.

Eli knew Michi wouldn’t do it though. The pokeball in her bag had felt infinitely heavy since they had been warped into Sinnoh, and it only grew heavier the more the little pidgey sang.

A panicked cry took Michi out of her thoughts, and she was met with the sight of Rin holding the poor pidgey down by the wings, teeth bared in a furious snarl—


Eli echoed out his trainer’s command dutifully and the scyther winced at the projected volume of the comment, backing away from the small bird with a displeased hiss and retreating into a patch of taller grass nearby.

The bird scrambled back onto its feet and immediately leaped into the trainer’s arms without warning, nearly knocking the girl over with the surprising amount of force behind the tackle. The pidgey threw its wings around Michi’s shoulders as if it were imitating a hug and then sang and chirped happily. Eli said that the little bird was grateful, and that it wanted to repay Michi for saving her life by offering her help and joining the team.

Michi would never say she regretted saving the pidgey, but… she might regret being too soft to tell it no. 


Figured I'd upload this before the round went up, ehehe.

The Plot Develops!

GoneViral Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Aaaah this is so cute ; v ;
The-Hybrid-Mobian Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
eee thank you 'u'
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